There are a few things to take into consideration while choosing the best method to ship your goods. Choosing the right freight service between air & sea will help you bring down costs and bring in efficiencies in your shipping process.

Cost / Price

As a business owner, before shipping goods you need to check out all the costs associated with shipping. Most businesses ship the goods via sea freight because it is cheaper than air. But if you want to deliver goods urgently, you need to go with air freight.

How to choose the right freight service for your business?

Written by Chitransh Sahai | October 1, 2017

If you are a business in India and want to export your goods to other countries, this blog article is for you. We will discuss the three modes of freight used for shipping abroad and also throw some light on choosing the best mode of shipment based on your type of business or shipping consignment.

Different types of freight services

For domestic or local movement of goods the best options of transport are road and railway. You can ship your goods internationally using multiple channels - for wholesale shipping or shipping to distant countries, the best option is to go by Sea or Air. There are three types of freight services for International shipping:

Trends in Indian Pharmaceutical Exports

Written by Abhishek Talreja | August 27, 2016

The Indian pharmaceutical exports industry is growing steadily and and the future looks even brighter. With fewer challenges and more opportunities for the Indian Pharmaceutical giants, the export sector is surely going to add to their business in a significant way.

Trade experts feel that Indian companies need to keep up the innovation and aggression to stay ahead of competitors like China. The internal and external markets, both are showing buoyancy with a few signs of caution.

Here are some key trends to watch out for:

According to IBEF The Indian Pharmaceutical industry is set to reach $50 billion by the year 2016. Exports of pharmaceutical products from India is set to reach

Major Global Triggers influencing the Freight industry in India

Written by Chitransh Sahai | April 16, 2016

It is the year 2016 and the Indian Shipping and Freight industry will undergo a lot of changes, some short term while others may be forever. Here we look at seven major events which will change the industry.

1. China’s Slow down

In a nutshell our exports to China will reduce and with cheaper Chinese imports our domestic companies will be hit. However, there is a positive side to it as well, this is making India a more attractive destination for manufacturing. In addition to electronic components, consumer electronics, electrical, equipment, industrial machinery and chemicals, India is also one of the largest markets for project exports from China.
Now, if you are in the freight business, strong in China, you should start focussing on the project exports business from China :).