Digital India is a campaign being run by the Government of India to ensure that public services are available to all citizens. They are achieving this by facilitating internet access and enabling service delivery through digitisation all over the country.

Following in the footsteps of the government, the private sector is also riding the wave of digitisation by automating major processes and operations. Today, a lot of corporates have set KPIs for their teams to achieve digitisation in various departments, right from HR, Accounts to Procurement and Logistics.

Sounds familiar? No? Don’t worry, you will be in such a situation soon.

And why not?

Digitisation is the answer to a lot of problems. We have moved on from the primitive times of Stone Age to Industrial Age and now finally in the Digital Age. You are not maintaining any official records by writing on a paper, are you? Or if you want to communicate some information, do you send a letter by post from your corporate office in one city to your factory in another? Pigeons were cool, I agree but we are way past those times!

When digitisation can help you in automating all your manual processes, save time, save man power, reduce costs, then only a fool would resist it. Surely, all companies keeping KPIs of employees on digitisation are smart enough to understand the value.

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