What is EXIM Bank of India? How does it help importers / exporters?

EXIM Bank of India stands for Export Import Bank of India commenced their operations in the year 1982, and were actually created by the government in 1981 to enhance the global export credit agencies. After all these years they have services which act as a growth engine for Small and Medium sized enterprises through a vast range of products and services. Other services like Import technology, export development, producing, marketing, pre / post shipment and investment internationally. Today, everything is progressing at light speed and the EXIM helps people with financial landscape and also promote cross border trade and investment.

The vision of EXIM Bank has changed from a product based approach with Export credits to more of Customer based approach offering a comprehensive range of products and services to support various business at all their different stages of a business cycle. They also develop commercial relations with various companies which helps them get through a wide range of products and services and explore, enhancing their efforts towards trading internationally

EXIM Bank of India plans and supports the society to sharpen their skills and be updated in all aspects as well as create business opportunities not only in india but also overseas. They offer a wide range of unique products and the services that are needed by the people that also helps booms the indian business not only in india but across the globe.

So basically EXIM Bank of India will provide finances and help the importers and exporters in each and every stage where they can help a company grow and get the business a large platform achieving great heights not only in india but all over the globe.

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