What is ICES?

If you've been in the Import/Export business, you must have definitely come across this term called ICES. Ever wondered what it is or how it works? ICES stands for the Indian Customs Electronic Data Interchange System. It is designed to give out customs clearance related information electronically using Electronic Data Interchange. The ICES ensures that data or documents that are required by the trade, transport and regulatory agencies for submission in the process of live customs clearance are now being processed and submitted online without any hassle or tedious paperwork. ICES is in service at approximately 134 majorly working customs locations with almost 98% of India's International trade.

For Import and Export consignments ICES has two aspects:

  • The Customs House has an internal automation setup for a complete, paperless, fully automated customs clearance system that makes the working of customs totally transparent and efficient.
  • The data that goes through ICEGATE is an online, real-time electronic interface with banks regulatory, trade, transport and transport concerned with customs clearence of import and export.
Customs EDI Trading Partners: Summary
Customs EDI Trading Partners: Summary

These 3 Systems are major Components of Indian Custom automation:

  • ICES automatically receives and processes all incoming messages. ICES generates all outgoing messages automatically at the time of the clearance process. Everything is scheduled back to back.
  • ICES is situated under the platform of ICEGATE for customs clearance messages and trade sharing, customs clearance data with licensing and regulatory agencies such as DGFT, Ministry of Steel,etc
  • The 3rd component which facilitates the compliant trade segregating the transactions requiring deeper scrutiny by customs is Risk Management System

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